Wolaita, Culturally Diverse People

Wolaita Soddo from Mount Damot

A Very Cultural Inspirational Wolaytigna Music by  Bunge Burunje, ‘Bonchisyay Chawa’


Wolayta Culutral Music, ‘Nu Bitta Worqa Mayzana’

A statue of a woman dressed in Wolaita cultural cloth, at Wolaita Cultural Museum

Before the integration of Ethipia, Wolaita was amongest the most dominant kingdoms in the south and south western Ethiopia. The heritage of the Wolaita kingdom is widely observed in the southern and centeral south parts of Ethiopia. After the most bloody war of intergration in Ethiopian history, between the last king of Wolaita and the conquering emperor  Menilik II, Wolaita  joined the union at the end of 1800.

Wolaita Documentary from ERTA


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